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The Dances We Teach

DanceMakers is proud to teach Fort Worth virtually all styles of social and competition partner dancing. From Salsa to Swing, Country Western to Tango, Latin to Ballroom, our fast and easy system gets you moving right away, even if you've never danced a step in your life! Below is a chart showing the dances we teach in general categories. Scroll down to see our list of Movies featuring partner dancing!


Country Western


Club Latin

Waltz 2 Step East Coast Swing Salsa
Tango 3 Step West Coast Swing Rumba
Viennese Waltz Country Western Waltz  Texas Push Cumbia
Foxtrot Fort Worth Shuffle Single Time Swing Bolero
Quickstep Triple Two Step Lindy Mambo

Night Club

Jive Cha Cha
  Polka   Merengue
  East Coast Swing   Bachata
  West Coast Swing    

International Standard

International Latin

American Smooth

American Rhythm

Waltz Cha Cha Waltz Cha Cha
Tango Samba Tango Rumba
Viennese Waltz Rumba Foxtrot Swing
Foxtrot Paso Doble Viennese Waltz Bolero
Quickstep Jive   Mambo

Dance Movies

Movies about Dance
“The Turning Point” 1977 - Ballet
“Saturday Night Fever” 1977 - Hustle
“Thank God It’s Friday” 1978 - Hustle
“Dirty Dancing” 1987  - Mambo, Merengue, and more
“Strictly Ballroom” 1992 - Paso Doble, Samba, Tango, and more
“Shall We Danse" 1996 - Quickstep, Waltz, Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble
“Tango, No Me Dejes Nunca” 1998 - Argentine Tango, Milonga
“Dance with Me” 1998  - Paso Doble, Salsa Rueda, and more

"Billy Elliot" 2000 - Ballet
“Center Stage” 2000  - Salsa, Ballet
“The Company” 2003  - Ballet

"Honey" 2003 - Hip Hop
“Shall We Dance” 2004  - Quickstep, Waltz, Rumba, Tango, Paso Doble

"You Got Served" 2004 - Breakdancing, Hip Hop
“Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” 2004  - Mambo and more
“Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School” 2005- Merengue, East Coast Swing, Tango, Lindy Hop
“Mad Hot Ballroom” 2005  - various ballroom dances
“Take the Lead” 2006  - Tango, Foxtrot, and more

"Stomp the Yard" 2007 - Steppin, Hip Hop

"Love 'N Dancin" 2009  - West Coast Swing

"Step Up 3D" 2010  - Hip Hop

"Black Swan" 2010 - Ballet

Movies with “incidental” Dance Scene(s)
“The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” 1921 Tango
“The Gay Divorcee” 1934 Foxtrot
“Swing Time” 1936 Waltz, Polka, Foxtrot, Tap
“Gone with the Wind” 1939 Viennese Waltz
“Roman Holiday” 1953 Mambo
“Guys and Dolls” 1955 Mambo
“The King and I” 1956 Polka
“Black Orpheus” 1959 Samba
“Pillow Talk” 1959 Mambo
“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” 1961 Mambo
“Doctor Zhivago” 1965 Viennese Waltz
“The Sound of Music” 1965 Viennese Waltz
“Our Man Flint” 1966 Mambo
“Last Tango in Paris” 1972 Tango
“Death on the Nile” 1978 Tango
“Airplane” 1980 Hustle
“Never Say Never Again” 1983 Tango
“The Tango Bar” 1988 Argentine Tango
“Shag” 1989 Shag
“Spirit of ‘76” 1990 Hustle
“My Blue Heaven” 1990 Merengue
“Beauty and the Beast” 1991 Viennese Waltz
“Scent of a Woman” 1992 Tango
“The Mambo Kings” 1992 Mambo
“Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” 1993 Cha Cha
“The Age of Innocence” 1993 Viennese Waltz
“Swing Kids” 1993 Lindy Hop
“Adams Family Values” 1993 Tango
“Schindler’s List” 1993 Tango

"Addams Family Values" 1993 Tango
“True Lies” 1994 Tango
“Evita” 1996 Tango
“The Tango Lesson” 1997 Argentine Tango
“Happy Together” 1997 Tango
“The Object of My Affection” 1998 Foxtrot, East Coast Swing, Tango
“That 70’s Show” 1998 Hustle
“Blast from the Past” 1999 East Coast Swing
“Freaks & Geeks” 2000 Hustle
“Mulholland Drive” 2001 Single-Time Swing
“Moulin Rouge!” 2001 Tango
“Assassination Tango” 2002 Argentine Tango
“Le Tango de Rashevski” 2002 Tango
“Chicago” 2002 Tango
“Mr. and Mrs. Smith” 2005 Tango
“The Lost City” 2005 Mambo
“Rent” 2005 Tango
“Happy Feet” 2006 Tap

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