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When can I take my lesson?

Our studio hours are Monday through Thursday from 2PM to 10PM and Friday from

4PM to 11PM.  Private lessons can be scheduled any time that we are open and

are booked on the hour.  There are additional hours available on request.  Most important, we pride ourselves on accommodating your schedule and do not require that you set a schedule for your lessons.  Our package lessons do not expire.

Do I need a partner to take lessons?

Absolutely not!  Your private lessons will be with an instructor who will be your partner and in our group lessons we rotate partners.  Both male and female instructors are available so you can feel comfortable attending group classes, parties and your lessons as a single.  Some couples even choose to take a number of private lessons separately, each with their own instructor.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, casual clothing is appropriate for dancing.  A lightweight dress

shoe is best if you do not have ballroom dance shoes.  If you would like to

purchase dance shoes, we carry the Very Fine brand.  Avoid restrictive clothing

and shoes that could slip off while dancing (flip-flops, mules, etc.)

I have never danced in my life, can you teach even me?

All dancers start as newcomers.  No one was born knowing how to dance.

Our talented instructors will teach you at your speed.  Of course the more

you practice through attending dances, taking lessons and group classes,

the better you will become.

Do I have to compete to take lesson at DanceMakers?

Absolutely not.  We do teach competition level ballroom and country dancing,

however our primary focus is on teaching social dancers.

What is the most effective way to learn to dance?

A combination of private lessons and group classes works best for most students.

If possible, taking a private lesson and a group class weekly enables most students

to learn and retain what you learn.  We realize that this may not be possible for

everyone.  DanceMakers strives to accommodate the needs of our students. 

Therefore, you choose the type and frequency of your lessons.  No contracts

or long term commitments are required.


Our Facility

We have two beautiful ballrooms - both with "sprung" hardwood maple floors.  Our larger room is used for private lessons and our Friday Night Dance Party while the smaller room is also used for private lessons when it is not in use for group classes.  Many people have told us that we have the best floors in the metroplex!


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