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Private Lessons

The most efficient way to learn, private lessons allow you to progress at your own pace according to your schedule. DanceMakers will create an individualized lesson plan reflecting your goals, abilities, and learning style. Anyone can learn to dance (really!) Start with the New Student Special for a taste of DanceMakers' style; then enroll in our Trophy System to get started on your individualized Bronze Program.  Or request wedding choreography, or a showcase plan. Schedule your private lessons as close together as possible to get the most for your money! We allow students to buy one lesson at a time, or receive a discount for purchasing larger packages (no contract required.) Group classes are included in most private lesson packages.


Whether you just want some simple choreography to wow your guests at the wedding, or you are looking for the perfect way to keep romance alive throughout your marriage, DanceMakers' fast and easy system gets you moving right away, even if you've never danced a step in your life! Our focus on private lessons allows you to learn at your own pace, according to your schedule.

Wedding option #1

Our standard program of private lessons, designed for students who want to learn to dance socially. We start with the fundamentals of dancing and cover a variety of styles and techniques, so that students can go from "zero to hero" on the dance floor as soon as possible. This approach also provides a strong foundation for dancers who want to go on to performance or competition programs. Start with our New Student Special and move on to a Bronze Program. The Trophy system provides a syllabus and check points to gage your progress.

Wedding Option#2

For wedding couples with limited time or interest in dancing: we focus on simple yet effective moves that will make your "first dance" look great as quickly and easily as possible. Choreography is individualized to suit your chosen song.   Ask about our 10 lesson Wedding Choreography package. In addition to preparing you for your First Dance, this package includes a "family day" to help with Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances and a smattering of social dancing so you can keep up during the reception, too. Additional sessions available one at a time, as needed.

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Group Classes

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Group Classes are held Monday through Thursday (and sometimes Saturday too).   A new series of classes start each month.  This allows the student to progress within the specific dance being taught that month. 

Private Group Classes

We can arrange a special group class for your family, club or church group. Meet at DanceMakers or have a teacher come to you! Contact us.

Specialty Series Classes: Occasionally, DanceMakers offers a series class for our intermediate and advanced students who want to try something different. We have offered Salsa Rueda, Argentine Tango, Lindy Hop, Two Step and West Coast Swing. Get a group together and request a class in your favorite dance! Contact us.

Friday Night Party

Twice a month we host our Studio Friday Dance Party.  DanceMakers transforms into the hottest nightclub in town. We turn down the lights, turn up the music and cut loose with some great social dancing. Our no smoking, BYOB policy sets us apart from the dingy atmosphere in most clubs, and our friendly staff and students make people of all ages feel warm and welcome. We play our music in sets starting with Ballroom, picking it up with Swing and Latin, then rounding it off with Country -- all guaranteed dance-able tracks.  Plus you never know when we might throw in a mixer, an exhibition or a conga line!  A perfect opportunity to practice what you've learned or just come to watch.



DanceMakers is proud to present students each year at several regional and national (DanceSport) competitions. Students with as few as 20 hours of instruction can enter the “newcomer” category and compete with students at the same level and age range. Dance with your teacher in the “Pro-Am” category or with your partner in the “Amateur Couple” category. DanceMakers' high quality of instruction ensures that our students always place well in competition. Since there are events going on all over the country all the time, you can choose where and when you want to compete. Or join other DanceMakers students at one of our regular events and experience the excitement of a group effort.

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Showcases: After all those lessons, it's time to shine! We present Showcases two times per year as an opportunity for students to show off what they have learned. Dance with your partner, or with your teacher, a choreographed routine to a specific song. Buy a new outfit and invite your friends! Take lots of pictures! See Our Calendar for the date of the next Showcase. Sign up now to reserve a spot in the show.

Choreography for weddings, quincineras, talent shows, or school projects, no problem. Just tell us how long you have to prepare and we will create a routine that will look great on you!


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